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Our business is serving the customized investment and educational needs of successful individuals and real estate investors, and we are recognized for our personalized approach, investment expertise, and established reputation. National REIS exists for the sole purpose of building your wealth to live the kind of life you want through cash flowing multifamily real estate.


Dear Chris and Lisa, This is just to Thank You for spending your time with us in order to help us achieve our goals and thank you for making your program different than all the others; personable, professional, hands-on and goal driven… AND Realistic!
Johnson & Linda OropezaElite Partner


When you find a deal that looks promising dig deeper and see if the numbers work! BUT DON’T stop looking at other deals. It seems that once one deal starts to looks good, that’s when other deals start to trickle in. This is a good problem to have! Keep one eye on your current prospect, and the other moving forward - we tell our students all the time - it's ALL about the pipeline!

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Last week we had two student closings: Robert closed in GA and Krista in TN! Way to go! #celebratethewins!

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A built in support community is priceless! The Elite Partners come together to talk about their challenges and offer suggestions – sometimes it’s important to remember you’re not alone

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